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Join our External Ambassadors Program!

QCBT hosts delegates from all over Canada, which brought together a diverse skill set from some of the top universities across the nation. Now in its 6th year, QCBT would like to continue to build our presence on campuses from coast-to-coast.

As an External Ambassadors, you are responsible for sharing our message and communicating our offerings to students from your universities. Ambassadors will spread QCBT updates through social media posts, facilitate class talks, and word of mouth promotion. However, we encourage our Ambassadors to be creative in their means of communication. Ultimately, your primary objective is to generate interest for QCBT 2020 and secure external delegate applicants for this year’s conference.

Being an External Ambassador for QCBT 2020 is not without its perks. As an ambassador, you will:

  • bypass the delegate application process to attend the conference

  • have an opportunity to network with industry leaders and emerging leaders in the biztech space

  • develop critical interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills that will serve you well in your future endeavors

If you're interested in joining the program, enter your email below, and Jessica Wei, our External Relations Coordinator, will be in touch shortly.

Right on! We'll update you when delegate applications go live.

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